OMG July: Blocks for Quilts for Pulse (update)

Call me crazy, but I decided to go ahead and make an entire quilt top for Quilts for Pulse, instead of just a few blocks.  So far I have everything except the sashing strips cut out (because I decided to do a bit different layout than the general one most folks are using).  I'm using batiks for the hearts, text/graphic prints for the backgrounds, the grayish Tula Pink for the sashing, and the rainbow batik for corner blocks.

The general idea laid out in EQ7:

My goal for July was to get two blocks made, and I've done that.  Here they are (all wrinkly and bad lighting):


Finish-a-Long: 2016 Q3 List

I finished nothing in the second quarter.  I spent much of the time getting all the blocks done for my Library Books-for-Baby Quilt, so I haven't been completely unproductive.  Just nothing got to the quilted and bound state.  Somehow I got off track with my Project 48 Quilt and the Modern HST Quilt during the fifth (free) week at the end of April, which is when my focus seemed to switch to the Library Quilt.  I have done no quilty sewing for the last two weeks, and that won't be changing since I'm travelling the next two weeks.  I haven't had time to think about a travelling project.
So here's my UFO list for the Finish-a-Long (ones in bold are my main focus for the third quarter--but since I tend to be circular in how I finish things, meaning I go around and around, I can't say what will come next):
  • Paradiso Layers-of-Charm lap quilt (need to piece the back, baste, and quilt)
    Paradiso Layers of Charm Mini Quilt Top
  • Batik Pinwheel quilt (decide whether to turn into lap quilt by adding more blocks) 
  • SueBeeStar quilt (have the design, need the fabrics)
  • SueBee Stat Quilt
  • T-Shirt Quilt(s)
  • T-Shirt Quilt(s)
  • Charm Quilt "Sister Quilt" (have the top done, just need to hand-tie or quilt)
  • Charm Quilt "Sister" Quilt
  • Tulip Quilt (do something with tulip blocks from eBay) 
  • Tulip Quilt
  • Homespun Plaid quilt (something with all the homespuns I collected)
  • Homespun and some Batiks
  •  Fall Leaf quilt (just needs layered and quilted; have the backing fabric)
    Leaf Quilt
  • Heart Runner Quilt (finish borders and quilt)
    Heart Runner Quilt
  • Rainbow Batik quilt (not sure what, but I have a nice collection of batiks now)
    More Batiks
  • Books-for-Baby quilt for my local library (have started collecting fabrics) 
    Possible layout for quilt
    Some novelty print for Books-for-Baby Quilt
  • Elementary quilt (not sure what, but I have a layer cake of this fabric line that I really want to create something for me with; finally found some backing fabric for this old line) 
  • Elementary Fabrics
  • Square-in-Square Quilt (do something with S-i-S blocks from eBay)
  • Square-in-Square Quilt Project
  • Mystery Quilt (have the top done from years ago, just need to quilt)
    Mystery Quilt
  • Denim Quilt 
  • Hexies (make into quilt top; more long-term goal because I need to trade more hexies)
  • Hexie Friends Quilt Project
  • Text quilt (something with all the text fabrics I've been collecting) 
    Some of my text fabrics
  • Daysail Quilt (need to come up with a pattern for the charm pack/fabric I have) 
    Daysail Fabrics
  • Yellow Brick Road Quilt Kit (bought it long ago, but never assembled) 
  • Blue/White "All Star" BOM Quilt (blocks down, assemble top and quilt) 
  • Green/White "My Favorite Things" BOM Quilt (top done, quilt) 
  • Teal/Green "Mystery" BOM Quilt (quilt top done) 
  • "Threads from the Heartland" BOM Quilt (some blocks finished) 
  • "Century Quilt" BOM Quilt (some blocks done) 
  • "Sunny Days" BOM Quilt (some blocks done) 
  • Bright Floral BOM Quilt (top finished) 
  • Pink/Green/Tan BOM Quilt (top finished) 
  • Blue/Red/Tan BOM Quilt (top finished) 
  • Breast Cancer/Pink Heart lap quilt
  • Windmill Quilt (pieces purchased off eBay long ago)
  • do something with my stash that is scrappy (maybe cut them into pre-cuts--not a FAL goal, but I'm leaving it here for me)
  •  and do something with all the charm packs/mini charm packs I've acquired the past two years (ones I bought and ones given to me as swap extras; probably a half dozen projects in there) 
    Some of my charm packs

Quite a list, I know.  And that's only a small part of the projects swirling around in my head or that I have in my UFO pile.


OMG July: Blocks for Quilts for Pulse

Quick post for my July goal. I received a fat quarter from Marcus Fabrics to make a block for #QuiltsforPulse. Not going to have much sewing time until later in the month, so not sure how many blocks I can get done, but I'm shooting for two. (If I get ambitious, it may be more.) I've been dragging my feet because I don't have many bright, rainbow colors to make the heart blocks. I may default to some bright batiks and my other text fabrics. I'd really like to sew my stash for these.