OMG July: Selfish Sewing

I don't think life ever slows down, does it?  July has barely begun, and my calendar is already full with college campus visits and softball tournaments.  If I manage to squeeze any sewing in, it will have to be "selfish sewing"--working on a project just for me.  I don't do enough of that!
I participated in a Texty Charm Swap on Instagram and recently received 112 "texty" 5" charm squares (7 of them ended up being duplicate fabrics).  I really want to make a quilt just for me with them, so I'm thinking lap quilt that I can wrap myself up in while snuggling on the couch.
I have no idea whether to leave the charms "as is," or to make HST or QST or smaller squares/rectangles out of them.  I will most likely throw in a solid fabric to break up all the text.  But picking a color might be tricky since some of the fabrics have color to them.  I might go with black, and pull out the black/darker text charms.  I'll add in some of the text fabrics I already have if I need a few more blocks.
So for July, I'm hoping to play around in EQ7 until I come up with an idea that will work.  Whether any sewing happens remains to be seen!
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