OMG July :Selfish Sewing

...although there was no actual sewing.

For July, I had planned to play around in EQ7 and come up with ideas on what to do with the text fabric charm squares I received in a swap.  I knew because of some traveling I had planned (and softball tournaments and recovering from said traveling and softball tournaments), that I probably wouldn't get to actual start sewing anything.  And I was right.
But I don't mind.  I love to play around in EQ7.  That's what is so great about the software.  With a few clicks, I can completely change the look of a quilt.  I think the part that takes the most time is actually selecting "fabrics" from the software's stash.  Since I have over 100 different text fabrics, I decided to go for more the feel and color then necessarily finding enough actual text fabrics.  And for this project, I didn't feel like scanning in all of the squares.
My plan (hope) is to make myself a lap-sized quilt that will be "mine, all mine" to snuggle with on the couch.  Since I would like to actually finish the project, I figured simple is best.  Either squares or HST for the blocks.  Maybe pinwheels (QST).  Ideally it would be a pattern that allows me to show off as much of the text as possible (so nothing too small).  So, maybe not pinwheels.
I'm not afraid to add in other fabrics for contrast, either black, white, or some bright solids or batiks.

Anyway, here are the results of my playing with the software.

Some simple HST using a solid or batik for the other half of the triangles...

 Or just go scrappy!
 Simple 4-patch blocks with a different fabric for larger blocks in between...

 Or again...just go scrappy!
 Just leave the charms full size, and go traditional charm quilt...
 Or add another fabric as sashing...
 (I've always wanted to do a quilt with squares and chambray, maybe this is it?)

 Or a more modern look with a thin border around every other 4-patch block...

 Or pinwheels, using the lower volume charms to make the pinwheels and using alternating full blocks to showcase some of the text fabrics...

Eventually I'll narrow it done.  I keep changing my mind on which is my favorite.  But that's the fun of using a software program for designing--lots of chances to play around before cutting into the fabric!

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OMG July: Selfish Sewing

I don't think life ever slows down, does it?  July has barely begun, and my calendar is already full with college campus visits and softball tournaments.  If I manage to squeeze any sewing in, it will have to be "selfish sewing"--working on a project just for me.  I don't do enough of that!
I participated in a Texty Charm Swap on Instagram and recently received 112 "texty" 5" charm squares (7 of them ended up being duplicate fabrics).  I really want to make a quilt just for me with them, so I'm thinking lap quilt that I can wrap myself up in while snuggling on the couch.
I have no idea whether to leave the charms "as is," or to make HST or QST or smaller squares/rectangles out of them.  I will most likely throw in a solid fabric to break up all the text.  But picking a color might be tricky since some of the fabrics have color to them.  I might go with black, and pull out the black/darker text charms.  I'll add in some of the text fabrics I already have if I need a few more blocks.
So for July, I'm hoping to play around in EQ7 until I come up with an idea that will work.  Whether any sewing happens remains to be seen!
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