June Selfish Sewing

Well...June ended up being busier than I thought it would be.  So I never got out of the planning stage for this project.  I played around with the Paradiso charm pack and mini charm pack that I have.  I came up with one idea.
I thought it might be too busy, so I got a Bella solid charm pack in white, and came up with this idea.
I couldn't decide which I liked better, or whether to just scrap the idea and come up with something else.  I had other things demanding my time, so sewing anything together just didn't happen this month.  I couldn't even find time to put together an hour basket.  So I didn't quite make my goal this month, but I didn't quite not, since this was a selfish sewing project that's been more of a work-in-progress.  I'll keep playing with ideas and see if I can come up with something during the rest of the summer.


Time for some Selfish Sewing!

I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to make for my #ALYOF project for June.  I just know it's going to be something for ME!  I'm tired of making beautiful mini quilts and sending them off to other people, lol.  So this time around it's something for me that I can hang on my wall.  Or a pouch.  Or Hour Basket.  I will try to use some of the fabric or charm packs I've bought these past few months.  Paradiso? Daysail? Figures?  Not sure.  But I'll probably sit and do a little planning when the kids spend time at the pool now that Summer Break has started.  I'll try to keep you posted of progress throughout the month, rather than just coming back with the final product.