Looking for Teacher and Grad gifts?

Browse around my Etsy shop. I still have plenty of beaded bookmarks to choose from. These make great Teacher gifts! Or how about some pretty "book bling" to send your grad off to college? Or a little jewelry for their phone? Teens and tweens love my cellphone/purse charms. Here are a few of my favorites:

Bookmark -- Red, Blue, Gold, Brown, Follow Your Heart
Bookmark -- Blue, Aqua, Brown, Heart
Charm -- Blue, Green, Emerald, Sapphire, Star

My new STANDARD shipping of only $1.50 on any size bookmark/charm order to the US & Canada makes these items very affordable. (Offer does not apply to jewelry items.)

Plus I can easily change a charm on any bookmark or phone charm--just convo me! I also have a few charms in stock that aren't pictured on any bookmarks listed in my Etsy shop (and a bunch of phone charms that I never listed), so feel free to ask about what I have available. I hope to get pictures up (someday) here on my blog of all the other stock I have.

Thanks for looking!

And while you're looking, check out these other great Etsy shops with some terrific gift ideas. All they did was reply to my Etsy forum post about teacher and grad gifts, but I thought their products were such great ideas, I decided to blog and list their shops:


Happy shopping!


The "Vanessa" Necklace

Vanessa (Latin): a genus of butterflies
I made this one over the weekend, and I've decided to name it "Vanessa" because of the butterflies. (Not sure how long I can keep up the naming thing and try to actually make them mean something!)

This is a three-strand necklace, with ~20.5" strands. I used at least 6 different kinds of glass seed beads and bugles, in shades of sky blue through azure blue.
One strand has only seed beads on it. Another strand has four teeny-tiny metal butterfly beads. And the third strand has four 12mmx15mm azure glass bead butterflies spaced along the seed beads. The entire necklace is finished off with a twisted toggle clasp.Watch for the Vanessa necklace to be listed in my Etsy shop soon!


The "Lisha" Necklace

Lisha (Arabic): the darkness before midnight
The latest addition to my necklace collection is the "Lisha" style necklace. This one isn't even in my shop, yet! The colors made me think of a storm at sea or the sky late at night.
This is a three-strand necklace, with ~16", 21", and 25" strands. I used glass seed beads in dark metallic shades of blue, green, purple, and copper.
The smallest strand has dark teal pearl-like beads and amethyst foil-lined beads as accents, with large black seed beads on either side of them. The middle strand is made completely of seed beads. The largest strand has multi-colored round and oval beads that have an iridescent quality to them, with clear spots of no color. These beads pick up all the colors found in the seed beads. The entire necklace is finished off with pewter crimp covers and a metal spring clasp.
Watch for the Lisha necklace to be listed in my Etsy shop soon!


Just added to my Etsy shop: The "Melanie" Necklace

Melanie (Greek): black or dark
This is my new "Melanie" style necklace. I challenged myself to use some beads that I wasn't able to work into any of my bookmarks, and some split rings I once picked up by mistake. This necklace is the result! It's something completely new and different for me.
The necklace is approx. 50" in length. It is meant to be double-looped around your neck. I made the chain by linking two sizes of antique copper split-rings. (Yep! Linked every one of them by hand to make the chain. First time I've tried anything like that.) I wanted it to be longer, but I ran out of the split rings. So I accomplished that part of the challenge!
I then added a mixture of black, gold, copper, and amber colored glass beads of many different shapes and sizes, spacing them around the necklace. Antique copper eyepins were used to attach the beads. This necklace is one-of-a-kind, and will never be made by my again.

The Melanie necklace is available for purchase from my Etsy shop (click the title above to go to the listing).