OMG September: Library Quilt (update)

Well September went how I figured it would go. Busy, and sick kids/mom in the middle of it. Which meant very little sewing time. I managed to get three letters done. Better than nothing, I guess.


OMG September: Library Quilt (one more time!)

I already know that from now through Thanksgiving things are going to get pretty crazy around here.  School has started again, so my free time is gone!  Book Fair.  Marching Band.  Middle School Musical.  Cross Country.  Dance lessons.  At least we're not doing Fall Softball this year.  So my sewing time will be limited.  I've been trying to come up with a project for this month, and I keep coming back to my library quilt project.  I completed the "book" blocks, and then summer vacation and activities took over.  I still need to do the lettering and finish assembling the quilt top.  So for September, I'm planning to focus on the letter blocks that will spell out the Library's name.  I would like to get at least one of the three words done.  I might have time for more.  I might not.  So I'm trying to be realistic.  I have all of the letters copied onto vellum and I have the fabric.  I just need to get sewing.

The finished quilt will look something like this, but the letters will be different.  I just mocked those up in EQ7 to get an idea.  I'm actually using the patterns from Quilt Talk.