OMG August: Quilt Top for Quilts for Pulse (update)

I completed the quilt top and sent it on to Quilts for Pulse. Hopefully it wasn't too late to get quilted. Here's the finished top:

It came out pretty much the way that I planned. 

Here's a close-up of a few of the blocks:

I finally got my sewing machine back from repair, so I started putting the leftover/scrap bits together in a large mini quilt for myself. I had to make two more HST blocks to make it 7x6, instead of 8x5 blocks. Still not sure what I'm going to do with it when I'm done. 


OMG August: Quilt Top for Quilts for Pulse

Last week was a crazy busy week.  High School band camp started, and because things I volunteered for started to overlap, I was at school all day, and exhausted when I got home (and I wasn't outside like the poor kids)!  I normally help out with fitting kids in uniforms.  This year the band got new uniforms, which meant a whole new process for getting the kids fitted into uniforms on Thursday and Friday.  But earlier in the week I was helping out with a giant sewing project for the half-time show--two 40-yard by 20-yard banners.  Yes, YARDS!  Which means measuring out 40 yard panels and stitching them together.  After a day and a half of that, my sewing machine gave up!  It just seized up and would sew no more.  So I am without my trusty machine for the next 2.5 weeks while I wait for it to be serviced.
Thankfully I do have an older backup machine.  But it's just not the same.  I'm most stressed because I committed to sewing a quilt top for Quilts for Pulse, and was hoping to have it done by mid-month.  I know I could just mail off the blocks I've made so far, but I'd really like to finish what I've started.  I had 5 blocks done last week, and I sewed 7 more on my old machine today.  And then a slip of the scissors, and I cut into one of the blocks.  Argh!  Had to cut a new piece.  Maybe I'll sew some more tonight.  Maybe it will wait until tomorrow.  But tomorrow also means back to band camp and uniforms and giant banners and ...
My goal for August is to finish this quilt top:
Wish me luck!