OMG June: Hour Basket plus Mug Rug (finished)

Yay! Summer is here, and I met my goal for June.  I wanted to make something for a staff member at my son's high school.  She is a person that has been super helpful to my son, and has looked out for him the past two years, but she has now resigned.  She shares my son's love of hockey, and they would often discuss games and the playoffs.  I decided to pull out my Pittsburgh Penguins fabric and some hockey fabric that I've been hoarding for a couple years and to make something for her.  I also pulled out a few coordinating fabrics in black, gold, and blue (our school colors are blue and gold).  The result was an hour basket, but I changed the dimensions to make it more square (I cut my pieces at 10.5" x 12.5").  If I make a smaller basket like this again, I think I'll shorten the height a bit.  I struggled with what to fill the basket with (since I don't know her favorite candy), and in the end decided to make a mug rug/snack mat with the coordinating fabrics.  I also added a travel mug, some chocolates, and gift cards to Target and Starbucks.  She was super surprised and super delighted to receive the gifts from my son.  (Turns out, her water bottle had just died days before, so the travel mug was a perfect addition to the basket.)  I always enjoy being able to raid my stash and make personalized items for folks.  Even better when it's a surprise.

 Goodies inside the basket
 Mug Rug (front)
Mug Rug (back)

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OMG June: Hour Basket

I haven't made end-of-school-year gifts since my daughter finished 5th grade.  She's now in 7th.  But this year I decided I needed to make something for one of the staff members at the high school where my son is finishing up 10th grade.  I've decided to make an hour basket, and maybe something else.  Here's my fabric pull:
The outside of the bag will be the Penguins fabric.  The inside is the hockey fabric.  And the handles will be the black and white stripe.  The other fabrics may or may not be used if I decide to make additional items (I'm thinking mug rug or fabric bookmark).
The hard part is figuring out what to put in the basket!  Gift cards? Candy?  I see a Target run in my future.

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