Alina Necklace = Pretty One

Finally have my entry ready for the HAFteam's Summer Memories challenge! I saw this pendant in KanYoFuse's Etsy shop, and decided it would be the centerpiece of my Summer Challenge project.
For me, this summer has meant spending time at the local pool with my kids--while they swim, and I relax, LOL! This summer my 5yo daughter taught herself how to swim. Which left me to sit back, and read, and create. I actaully made this piece AT the pool on Friday (8/14). I started with square white shell beads, and round blue shell beads, and tiny pearls. I then added in glass beads in the colors of the water, bright and shimmering, to pick up the blues of the pendant. I finished it off with off-white and sandy shades of small glass beads.
Since I give all of my necklaces names, I'm calling this one Alina (pretty one), in honor of my DD since her favorite color is now blue, and her swimming was the inspiration for the piece.

Watch for details on the upcoming challenge voting contest, and find out how you can vote for my entry (or another favorite). We will be giving away a prize to one lucky voter!


Heather said...

This is great! it really does remind me of a swimming pool, all clean and fresh! Beautiful!

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