Teacher Gifts 2010

I planned to write an entry about the gifts I gave the kids' teachers last year. I may still do that, but for now I'll write about what I came up with for this year. As usual, I waited until the last minute to get things together. I try to get everyone to buy my wares to give as gifts, but then I drag my feet putting my own together. What's that line about the shoemaker's kids?

I've had this idea for a gift set for a while now. I just haven't acted upon it. Partly because it was missing one last thing. Then Starbucks came out with their Via coffee packs and the lightbulb went off! The idea was to package up a store bought mug with one of my handmade bookmarks (the shepherd's hook type) and one of my quilted coasters. But it just needed "something." I had thought about a packet of gourmet hot chocolate, but that didn't pan out. I thought about tea, but that didn't work out, either. (I may still use them in the future.) Somehow instant coffee just didn't seem right, until Starbucks made one my husband would consider "worthy" of being consumed. Enter Via coffee packs! I decided to include one of each flavor in the gift set.

I put some shredded paper in the bottom, stuck the coaster, bookmark, and coffee packs in the mug, along with a business card (and a coupon for 10% off an online order), and wrapped it all up with clear cellophane and some curling ribbon in colors to match the coaster. I created a product card for the bookmark that includes information about the whole set. I think the tag taped to the mug will have to be "flashier" for future versions.
I have about 8 more mugs on hand for future gift sets. I just need to get more coasters made. I'd love to have some of these to sell before Christmas shopping season, with hot chocolate packets instead of the coffee. (Guess what next year's teachers are geting for Christmas!)
And now, a few more pictures...


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