July Goal met--Hexie Friends

I didn't get to work on my Hexie Flowers while I was on vacation.  I took a bunch of supplies with me, but just never felt like pulling them out to work on.  And the plane and train rides weren't long enough where I wanted something like handwork to occupy my time.
BUT I have been working on making Hexie Flowers since I got back.  I feel like I've made a TON, but when I gathered them all up for a picture, I only have 6 complete flowers.  (I really, really hate the part where I have to write my name in the middle.  I'm never happy with how it looks.  But I feel printing it onto fabric would be too impersonal for the spirit of the project, so you get what you get.  But the anxiety of it seems to slow me down.)
As you can see, I have a bunch more to waiting go.  Some are already basted, some are just fabrics cut-to-size.  
I also gathered up all the Hexie Flowers I've already received.  Turns out I have 10 so far.  Most of them from the UK.  And I've promised to make I'm not sure how many more.  So it's a project I will continue to work on as I have time.  Next month will be working on my TextMeMiniSwap quilt.


Heidi said...

This is my favorite of the ALYoF finishes you posted - so endearing! I hope you will check out my new linkup: One Monthly Goal!

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