Just added to my Etsy shop: The "Melanie" Necklace

Melanie (Greek): black or dark
This is my new "Melanie" style necklace. I challenged myself to use some beads that I wasn't able to work into any of my bookmarks, and some split rings I once picked up by mistake. This necklace is the result! It's something completely new and different for me.
The necklace is approx. 50" in length. It is meant to be double-looped around your neck. I made the chain by linking two sizes of antique copper split-rings. (Yep! Linked every one of them by hand to make the chain. First time I've tried anything like that.) I wanted it to be longer, but I ran out of the split rings. So I accomplished that part of the challenge!
I then added a mixture of black, gold, copper, and amber colored glass beads of many different shapes and sizes, spacing them around the necklace. Antique copper eyepins were used to attach the beads. This necklace is one-of-a-kind, and will never be made by my again.

The Melanie necklace is available for purchase from my Etsy shop (click the title above to go to the listing).


Anonymous said...

You know I adore this necklace and chain. Great work. Love your work.


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