The "Lisha" Necklace

Lisha (Arabic): the darkness before midnight
The latest addition to my necklace collection is the "Lisha" style necklace. This one isn't even in my shop, yet! The colors made me think of a storm at sea or the sky late at night.
This is a three-strand necklace, with ~16", 21", and 25" strands. I used glass seed beads in dark metallic shades of blue, green, purple, and copper.
The smallest strand has dark teal pearl-like beads and amethyst foil-lined beads as accents, with large black seed beads on either side of them. The middle strand is made completely of seed beads. The largest strand has multi-colored round and oval beads that have an iridescent quality to them, with clear spots of no color. These beads pick up all the colors found in the seed beads. The entire necklace is finished off with pewter crimp covers and a metal spring clasp.
Watch for the Lisha necklace to be listed in my Etsy shop soon!


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