My Latest Thing (for now)

Anyone that is creative, and has ADHD, knows how hard it is to focus on one particular craft, medium, or project. While I love making beaded items, especially the bookmarks, my true passion is quilting! I have a fabric fetish, lol! I can sit and stare at all the fabrics for hours if people let me. Oooooo, prettyyyyy.

I just don't have the time to work on big quilts right now. But I have this HUGE stash of fabric. (Probably not that huge by most quilter's standards. But enough that I don't have room for my clothes in my closet.) So I came up with an idea to make quilted coasters. I can whip out a set in a day, and I still get to play with all the pretty fabrics. And I get to move on to the next color combination before I get tired of looking at the last one.

I've only made one set so far, but I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. And I have another set in the works. They are constructed like a traditional quilt: top, batting, backing, and binding. I don't just serge the ends like some folks making fabric coasters do. I actually take the time to cut my own binding, machine stitch it to the front, and then tack it down by hand on the back. Each coaster is like it's own mini-quilt.

So far I've only been doing "whole cloth" fronts, not pieced, but I've got some ideas for pieced ones, too. I have made some ACEO (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) that are pieced. That's what got me onto the idea of quilted coasters. I took the ACEOs one step further than a quilt and added some beads! I got to combine two of my favorite crafting materials. But for now I've switched gears to the coasters. Until I get back to making more bookmarks, that is. Can't stay with any one thing too long...


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