This year's Halloween costume challenge...a Cyberman!

Somehow in the past few months, the kids have become HUGE "Doctor Who" fans. Completely supported (and enabled) by me, their geeky/dorky mom. But it also creates something of a challenge for me, because E.J. has decided he wants to be a Cyberman for Halloween this year.

Ali always seems to "go easy" on me. "I want to be Alice." "I want to be Tinker Bell." "I want to be Princess Leia."

And this year, "I want to be Dorothy." Of course Mom can't just do a Dorothy version of the Alice costume from before. I got the "official" Wizard of Oz pattern. Not really challenging to sew, just more pieces.

E.J. isn't necessarily always so complex, like the shaggy brown dog year (except for sewing fake fur--it was everywhere). Or the Abraham Lincoln year. We already had the black suit from tap dance; Mom just had to make the hat and bow tie.

Or Captain Hook the year everyone else was Captain Jack. But then there was "I want to be an orange mouse." "I want to be a race car driver, and it has to look just like Jeff Gordan's."

"I want to be Anakin Skywalker, Episode III."

Now it's "I want to be a Cyberman."

I have a few ideas of how to approach it, because I can't just send away to the UK for one. That wouldn't be sporting. ;) I took E.J. to Joann's yesterday to look at fabric. Shiny, gray or silver without using the very nice, expensive, shiny, silver pleather or (shudder) tissue lame'. (After Captain Hook's hook, I vowed no more lame'. Just like after the shaggy brown dog, I vowed no more fake fur. So far I've stuck to my vows.)

E.J. gave some input while at Joann's, but admitted he knows nothing about shopping for fabric. He did say something like, "I know in the end, it will be amazing." (Okay, I can't remember his exact words, but bless his little 9-year-old heart.)

After praise like that, how can I NOT take up the challenge of creating a Cyberman. You'll just have to wait for the results. Think I'll tackle Dorothy first, though.

"Give me candy, or you will be deleted!"


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