Goal for May--Teacher Gift

I was struggling with what to use for my May goal. I've been working on hexie flowers, but I've already used that as a goal. I have a bunch of UFOs, but I haven't been inspired to use those. Then it hit me--school is almost over and I'd been planning to make something for my daughter's teacher. Originally I was going to make her a tote for Christmas, but I ran out of time. Then I figured I'd just make her one for he end of the year. Everyone has been making Hour Baskets on Instagram. So now I'm trying to decide which would be more useful, the tote or the basket. If I make a basket, I'll probably make some for a few of my daughter's other teachers as well. Either way, my goal is to make something for her home room teacher this month. And it will definitely be out of Steelers fabric since her teacher is a huge fan. Maybe I'll make a second smaller one for the Jolly Ranchers she keeps on her desk for the kids...


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