OMG May: Library Quilt Project (again)

Well, April seems to have gotten away from me, and I didn't get any UFO projects finished, and didn't meet my OMG goal of getting 4 blocks towards my library quilt completed.  In fact, I got 0 blocks done towards it.  However, last week I met with the library director to give her a heads up about what I was planning, and to allow her to pick the fabrics she liked from what I had collected.  And it's a good thing, because she didn't pick some of the ones I would have.  But she did pick 30 different fabrics.  Which is 5 more books than I was planning.  We also talked about where the quilt would hang in the library.  I basically have about 44" of height to work with, and as much length as I need.  So I went back to EQ7 to work out a new layout for 30 blocks, no taller than 44".  I came up with a 3 x 10 arrangement, which is somewhere about 90" long.  But I think I can handle it since it won't be too big in the other direction.  I also decided to add the library's name to fill space at the top (making it better fit the space).  Something like this...
I hacked together those letters just to get an idea.  I have since checked out from my library the book Quilt Talk by Sam Hunter, because it has paper piecing patterns for upper- and lowercase letters.  And instructions on how to resize things, so I think that will work for what I want to do.  Just have to sit down and get a rough idea of letter size.  And then find fabric to do sashing, letters, and background. I played around in EQ7 with a few ideas, and I like the basic one above best.  Blue and gold are the school district colors, so I'd like to use those.  I may change the sashing blocks to a rainbow of colors or some other novelty fabric, yet to be discovered by me.
I did make another test block, this time at the correct size.  Only had to add one piece because I miss cut something, and only had to rip out one seam (the last one).  I wanted to see if the background pieces would work being cut from jelly roll strips, and they will.  I also matched up all 30 book fabrics with background and accent fabrics (below).  Happy enough with how the block turned out, that I think I'm ready to move forward.  After I finish up some other family-related activities over the next week or so.  So for May, I will try again to get some blocks done for this quilt.  I'm shooting for 5 (since the project has grown in size).


Heidi said...

This is such a fun project Suzie! I hope you are finding time for the blocks this month and look forward to seeing them!

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