OMG May: Library Quilt Project (update)

Yay!  Not only did I get 5 blocks done for the month, so far I've made 16!  Once I got going, it was hard to stop.  I have certainly learned a few things along the way, and am happy enough with the methods I've come up with to construct the blocks.  I bought some vellum that would fit in my printer, and copied the blocks onto that.  I also bought some Scotch brand double-sided adhesive on a roll (basically micro glue dots in a dispenser that you roll on).  Yes, I know I could just use a glue stick, but I like this better--no mess.  One roll got me through 10 blocks.  I have since purchased about a half dozen more to hopefully get me through the rest of the quilt.  I also made a test of two letters from the book Quilt Talk.  I now have the book on order (shipped today) so that I can return the library's copy, and cut up the pattern sheet of my own copy.  Here are five of my blocks and the letter sample.  (The letters will not be in these fabrics; I just grabbed what was laying around closest to me when I decided to sew.)

Each "book binding" fabric will be shared by two blocks, one the dots background, one the swirls.  Yesterday and today I scanned all of my completed blocks and uploaded them to EQ7 as fabric.  This way I can virtually layout the blocks as I finish them, alternately dots and swirls, and keeping matching bindings far enough apart, I hope.  The finished size is going to be about 93"W x 41"H, so I don't really have design wall space big enough to lay them out for real.  I'm planning a solid black for the sashing, and using leftover fabric from the bindings for the corner blocks.  I haven't decided if the background and letters will be solid or print, yet.  Depends what I find when I get to the fabric store.  Here's what I have so far.  (Again, ignore the letters.  Just my quick block drawing for them.)
If you want to see all of my blocks, checkout the hashtag #hclbookquilt on Instagram.  I've been posting them as I complete them, tagging folks if they sent me the book fabric as part of #getyourquiltywishesgranted.  The rest of the fabrics I've purchased.


Heidi said...

So much fun watching your books develop! This may be my favorite ISpy type quilt block - I'll be looking for the Quilt Talk book. Thanks for linking up with this inspiring project!

Karen's Korner said...

What a fabulous "library" you are creating.

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