OMG December: Library Book Quilt (again!)

I know I keep using this quilt as a goal, but it's been a year long project that I keep breaking down into smaller parts and returning to again and again.  I really only have one major part left (aside from the actual basting and quilting), and that is finishing the letters.  Now that I have all other sewing projects out of the way, and have organized my strips for the letters a little better, I'm ready to tackle the letters once and for all as my December project.  Hopefully I won't waste time remembering which size strips I have to use for what, now that I've labeled them.  And I updated my notes with what size strips to cut should I run out.  Here's what I have done so far.  Three letters. Out of 23 letters.  But I'm ready to be done!

[Update: I have started working on them already.  And I have the first word done, and three letters into the next!  Which means now only 13 more letters to go.  I messed up and glued fabric to the wrong side of one letter template, so I need to print out another "t" template.  And After trimming another letter, realized I had sewed the wrong side of the fabric up.  But I'm getting there.]


Patty D from NC said...

It is fun watchign this come together. Thanks for linking up with Elm street Quilts One Monthly Goal.

Nann said...

I really like your I Spy picture books. I am a librarian and a quiltmaker.

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