OMG October: Alina's Halloween Costume

I never think to take pictures while I'm working on things like costumes.  So I have nothing about the process I went through to make it.  I'm mostly happy with the outcome.
I used a basic costume pattern, but constructed it by piecing the different colors together.  I didn't think about how I was going to do the shoe covers until after I cut things out, so they came out a bit wonky.  I should have widened the bottom part of the legs to fit the shoe covers--I used the bottom part of a boot pattern from another costume, and didn't want to make separate boots because they never stay on.  And the wig/makeup plans didn't work, so she just wore a baseball cap she decorated and added a visor (made from a plastic two-liter bottle).  Here's the only picture I have of the finished costume, because she went to a friend's house to trick-or-treat and I never really got to see her in it.


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