OMG December: Library Book Quilt (update)

It's almost done!  My goal for December was to finish the lettering, and I just finished piecing it today!  Here's a combo-picture of the first two words completed earlier this month.
Today I made my lovely assistants hold up the completed words (before leaving for Grandma's house).  I also made them hold up the main part of the quilt, because I didn't have a picture of all the sections together.  It was very windy outside, so things are wavy.
Now I just need to measure and cut the border strips, and sew everything together.  Then it's on to basting and figuring out just how to quilt the giant thing.
Here's a close-up of the two sections:


Bonnie said...

What a cute banner! Is it going to be hung in your community's library? I recognize a few of the books -- I was a school librarian for many years. I think I'd just quilt between the rows and columns. Make it easy for you and hold all the sections together. Just make sure you use a batting that doesn't need to be quilted really close together. This is going to look fabulous.

Suzie's Armoire said...

Yes, I'm making it for my local library. I was planning to make a smaller quilt, but the director picked out 30 fabrics from what I had for the books--so it grew!

mary lynn kebler said...

A teachers delight.

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