I am ready for Spring!

I never thought of myself as someone that gets SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)--goodness knows I've got enough other mental health issues. But yesterday as I was driving home and the sun was shining, and the temps were well above freezing, and the 3 feet of snow from last month was all but gone, I couldn't believe how light my mood was. I am sooooo ready for Spring to be here. I'd almost say I was ready for Summer to be here, because I love sitting by the pool, being creative or reading, while the kids swim, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. For now, I'll settle for that crisp, clean feeling in the air as the spring rains wash away the winter snow. I just need a little more sun to dry up the wetlands that have formed in my yard from the previsouly mentioned 3 feet of melted snow...

In the meantime, I thought I would share some spring-colored lovelies from some of my team mates on the Creative Handmade Artisans Team (CHAteam or CHArtisans) on Etsy.

First, some quilted coasters from my shop. These were made from fabric leftover from a baby quilt I made for my cousin's daughter 7 years ago. I loved the combination of lilac and pale yellow, sprinkled with some orange. I have a bunch of different quilted coasters planned--just need some time by the pool to stitch them up!

I decided to wander through team mates' shops, and choose some bright and cheerful, or floral-themed items. Who can resist the turquoise and tangerine beads on this bracelet from StormFlightDesigns?

I can't wait to see the daffodils blooming, like on this suncatcher from CherishedStainedGlas.

I miss the lilac bush we had in our yard growing up. Although ours were purple, just looking at this white lilac print from FrawgzDezignz, I can almost smell the wonderful scent of the lilacs in bloom.

This cute daisy ring from TanyaW85 is sure to bring a smile to your face.

And these colorful crocheted catchalls from SusanNeedlehands would certainly come in handy for a little Spring cleaning and organzing.

Here in the Northeast, we know that Winter has a way of coming back, even after Spring has made an appearance, so this mystic blue scarf from TheLandlockedSailor might be the perfect thing to finally send Jack Frost packing!

There are so many wonderful things from CHAteam members, but I'll start with these seven items. Watch this space for more products and shops from the Creative Handmade Artisans. I'm only one-fourth of the way through all of them! For a complete list of member shops, visit or team shop on Etsy: http://www.chartisansteam.etsy.com/.

Here's to Spring!


Anonymous said...

What a refreshing blog to slam the door on winter!! Yep its official - Spring is here and if the new work coming from the craft industry has anything to do with it, its going to be very colourful. A great blog Suze!!

Heather's Haven said...

Oh Suzi Great post! And great choices! Yes I'm so ready for spring, too! We had 2 days last week that felt like spring (I of course was working, both days) but now it's cold and grey and wet.
Soon though, Spring always takes it's sweet time getting here!

Sarita Li said...

I just found this post! Thank you so much for featuring my "Mystic" scarf. Ever been to Mystic CT on a foggy winters day?

Well thankfully it'll be awhile before winter comes around again. Lovely post.

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