OMG May: Medieval Day Costume (finished)

I met my goal for May.  I completed the Medieval Day costume for my daughter, and she won a prize for one of the best costumes!  One of her teachers told her she liked the costume better than her own.  So I'd say it was a success.  I'll admit, it wasn't one of my best efforts.  I got lazy with the bottom hem, and it was one of the worst (if not THE worst) hems I have ever sewn.  But it's on the inside, and nobody will see it.  My daughter said it can't be THE worst hem I've ever sewn, because I had to do worse when I started sewing.  I told her, no, I've been perfect from the beginning, lol!)
Here's the (mostly) finished costume.  This was before I got the hems on the sleeves sewn, but we were running out of daylight, and I wanted a photo before it was too late, because I knew I wouldn't be able to get one later in the week.  We also got some cheap garden/work gloves for her to wear with the costume.
And to prove that we really do reuse costumes parts around her, as well as the patterns, here are a few more pictures of her from another project this month.  Her class assignment was to create a news article/blog post about medieval events, and she needed photographs to go with her article.  My daughter needed pictures of a knight and a king.  They didn't have to be accurate; she just needed photos (and the kids come up with some really fun and creative ideas).  So I told her to go look in the closet at some old costume pieces.  She ended up also pulling out some of the dressier clothes I haven't worn in years, but for some reason still hang onto.  The green cape is from my husband's Robin Hood costume (from the same pattern as her plague doctor/grim reaper costume--see previous post for that whole explanation).  The gray top is mine, worn backwards, to sort of look like chainmaille. The pants are her softball pants.  The silver boots are from her brother's old Doctor Who Cyberman costume.  The black cowl is obviously from her plague doctor costume.  The velour green dress was mine.  The belts were mine.  And the Burger King crown is from one of my son's birthdays, that he then wrote "Best Mom" on and gave me for Mother's Day that year--the only reason I still have it.  The sword/dagger she made from cardboard and painted.  I don't have the version of the king photo were she photoshopped herself inside a castle.
Now I should be done making costumes until the fall when we find out what the Middle School is doing for their musical.  Time to think about June's project!


Patty D from NC said...

These are wonderful! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

Sandra Walker said...

These are terrific! I used to make and recycle, reinvent costumes for my girls when they were small, such fun. our plague doctor with mask is really good-I used to teach A Midsummer Night's Dream to my grade 9s, and we did a research project leading up to the play where they found out about this particular mask and why it was worn.

Danice said...

Very well made and period correct. I once made a Renaissance costume for my niece, and what a job, lol :)

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