Something a little different from me

I've been wanting to try out memory wire for some time now. Below is one of the results. The memory wire is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it's so strong that I think I've ruined a pair of pliers trying to make the loops on the ends. (They still work, they just kind of slip to the side when I try to make loops now.)

Here's the first one I'm listing in my Etsy shop.

Beaded bracelet in shades of yellow, brown and antique brass beads. Yellow spotted beads make it look a little like leopard or cheetah print. Three beads dangle from one end to complete the pattern.

The bracelet is designed and handmade by Suzies Armoire, and is approx. 17" in length. Since it is made from memory wire, it should fit any wrist, and wrap around twice.


Heather's Haven said...

I like it! never played with memory wire but when I do, I'll make sure to use my 'tough' pliers!

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