Time for a change...

Lets just say that my old Etsy team and I had a "parting of the ways." It was certainly the best decision for me--so much less stress to deal with! And stress and drama are two things I can do without. But I still love the idea of a group working together to promote/support each other, so some Etsy friends and I have gotten together to form our own new team, the Creative Handmade Artisans (CHA) Team! We're still awaiting the official recognition from Etsy to call ourselves a "team," but in the meantime we have been busy working to get everything set up--twitter account, blog, ning site, Etsy account. Everything is shaping up really well! And I think it will all work out great because we're friends first, teammates second.

So check out the Charter Members of the Creative Handmade Artisans:

More to be added later!


Heather's Haven said...

not to mention the sites are about the people, not the links /google ranking/ $$$ !!
We'd rather drive traffic to our shops!

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