Project 48 Quilt: Blocks 6 and 7

I'm been a little behind with my blog posting this month.  But I have been keeping up with my QAL projects (more or less).  So some updates for my Project 48 Quilt.
Ideas in EQ7 for Block 6:
And the finished block.  I went with my daughter's second choice for fabric placement from all the ideas.

 Block 7 was another Wonky-Cut block, which meant it gave me no end of trouble.  A few ideas from EQ7.
And my first attempt at piecing the block.  I didn't like how closely things matched up in the center.  And it sort of looked like a trilobite.
So I tried rotating, flipping, adding more fabric.  But was never happy with the end result.

Back to the EQ7 drawing board.  Cutting more fabrics and sewing again.  I finally came up with something I'm happy with.
I'm behind for Block 8, but I'm hoping to catch up today.  I have the fabrics pulled, and an idea or two.  I just need to cut and piece.


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