Modern HST Sampler: Blocks 1-4

Because I need another project, right?  I decided to take on the Modern HST (Half-Square Triangle) Sampler.  And I decided to use a solid white background (fabric I bought for my Paradiso Quilt, but didn't use) and calico/floral fabrics that I've collected over the years.  So these won't be "quilt shop quality" (as they say), because I most likely bought them at Joann's sometime around 15-20 years ago.  Don't care.  It's for me, and they're fabrics that make me happy.  I also decided to shrink the blocks down to 6", because one thing I don't need is another HUGE quilt top.  There are going to be 24 blocks over the course of the year (one every two weeks), and I've got the first four completed.
They're just so happy, and very pastel, which is not like me lately.  I think I'm just hoping for sunny spring weather.  Right now the hardest thing is waiting two weeks for the next block to be released!


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