Paradiso Layers-of-Charm Quilt

This project has been my #selfishswap project for a few months now.  Something I'm making totally for myself.  It started as a charm pack and mini charm pack of Paradiso. I used the Layers of Charm pattern from Fat Quarter Shop.

Thing is, it ends up about 27" square, so a not-so-mini mini quilt.  I've really been wanting a lap quilt, and kept looking at this to see how I could turn it into one.  I needed backing fabric anyway, and when I found four 48" cuts of the dark gray on Etsy for a really good price, I jumped on it.  Not my first choice for a backing fabric, but it's getting harder to find stuff from this line.  Now I had tons of gray fabric, but what to do with it?  I went to Joann's today, and picked up some solid white and solid salmon/coral pink (yeah, can't remember the color name now).
I kind of liked the way a smaller white border, larger salmon border, and still larger gray border look.  But since I don't want it to get too wide, the gray would only be on the top and bottom.  I decided to play around in EQ7 (my new/old favorite thing to do for quilt planning), and came up with an idea that also incorporates the 6 or so leftover charms and mini charms from the quilt top.  (Note to self: find leftover squares).  And because I don't like to waste anything, I also have 36 teeny, tiny half-square triangles left from trimming the blocks.  I think I'll put those on the back somewhere.  Maybe in a line or two with the salmon, between the large pieces of gray.
Or maybe get rid of the white border.  A couple more ideas...

I already have some idea of how to quilt it.  But that could change until I actually get this put together, since the plan itself could change.  Again.


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