Project 48 Quilt: Block 3

I was planning to spend an hour at my local library doing some adult coloring, but my car won't start.  So I've decided to stay home and write about my Project 48 progress!
First up, my finished Block One: Churn Dash--
A few mistakes were made with trimming and sewing, but I'm not doing it over again.
And Block Two: Disappearing Nine Patch--
And as a reminder, how they looked in EQ7.  Not bad!
This week's block is a Wonky Disappearing Nine Patch.  First I played around in EQ7 as best I could (hard to do when they are suppose to be wonky cuts).

Since we just did the regular version, I decided I wanted to go a bit scrappier for my wonky version, so I started playing around with ideas similar to the lower left, changing the colors a bit.
  The upper right layout appealed to me the most, so I based my fabric placement on it.  Fabrics all cut and ready for stitching!
Next, it was time to make some wonky cuts.  Definitely the hardest part of the whole process.  They couldn't be too wonky, so that there was enough fabric to square up the block in the end.  I figured the safest thing to do would be to pivot my cuts more or less off the center of the black middle fabric.
Then I flipped and rotated until I matched my EQ7 layout (not realizing until later that my wonky cuts were probably angled in the opposite direction).  Then I tried to line up the top edges of the top two blocks and bottom edges of the bottom two blocks.  And stitched.  (After staring at the finished block, I realized I probably should have trimmed the four blocks down to 5" square before sewing, but hindsight and all that.)
Then I trimmed off the middle edges to have a straight line for sewing, making sure I had at least 5" of width to the two strips.  Was cutting it a bit close.
Then I stitch down the middle seam without regard for matching up the center seams.  Because then I wouldn't be able to square the block up to 9.5" in the end.  As you can see, I barely made it!
And the finished Block Three: Wonky Disappearing Nine Patch--
Close enough to my original EQ7 plan...
Because I didn't line up the center seams, I didn't get the original desired pinwheel effect I was going for.  If I had it to do over again, I'd probably make the center black square 4.5" instead of 4", and the blocks touching it 4.5" x 4", with the corners remaining 4" square.  I think that would leave a little more wiggle room for wonkiness.


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